World Wide Panorama: Water
VR Photography by Landis Bennett

For the World Wide Panorama: Water, I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to photograph. I took several panoramas of different subjects and even an object movie.

On this page I've added links to all the panoramas that I took during the June solstice shoot. For a narrative about my weekend, see my page on the WWP.

Make sure you have the free QuickTime plugin installed on your computer and click the normal or fullscreen links to interact with the VR Panorama.

My first panorama was on a rainy Saturday at a blowhole on Mendocino Head near the small village of Mendocino on California's north coast.

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My next panorama was on Sunday when I was making the long drive home. I stopped at a viewpoint overlooking Clear Lake - the largest natural lake in California. The clouds added for an interesting subject, but the parking lot: not so much.
Rattlesnake Spring is a fresh water spring that pours out the most delicious, clear water you'll find anywhere. It's right next to the highway up above Calistoga, California. Calistoga Bottled Water regularly sends trucks up here to fill up just on the other side of the highway. I stop here to fill up my own bottle every time I pass.

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Continuing a theme.... The Petaluma Waste Treatment Facility daily takes thousands of gallons of effluent from the residents and businesses of the city of Petaluma and cleans it to the point that it's potable again. Be glad this isn't a Smell-o-rama.

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The Sunol Water Temple was built in 1910 by the Spring Valley Water Company. It was where the waters from the sources of the Alameda watershed met before the long trip across the bay to San Francisco. At one time, half of San Francisco's water flowed through the Temple.

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An object movie orbiting the Sunol Water Temple. The Temple was designed by San Francisco architect Willis Polk. Built in 1910, it was renovated in 2000.

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